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Therapist contributions include:

Stop the anxiety cycle.

Reclaim calm, clarity, and confidence


Counseling & EMDR therapy in Frisco, TX

*Currently online virtually anywhere throughout the state of Texas

You’re in the right place if you’re:

  • Anxious, stressed or overwhelmed
  • Sad, somewhat depressed, or unmotivated
  • Feeling stuck, lost, and alone in your pain
  • Struggling with strained or broken relationships
  • Having difficulty balancing all of life’s demands
  • Finding it difficult to live up to others’ expectations
  • Feeling insecure at work, socially, in your marriage, or while dating
  • Unsure how to navigate your way through anxiety, depression, or trauma
  • In need of insight, guidance, deep processing, and tools to move forward

You’re somewhat sensitive, and you feel things deeply. 

You fear that you’re too much 

and yet 

somehow not quite enough.

Robust Scientific Research

Modern Approach

Gold-Standard Treatment

Rebecca Phillips Therapist Frisco Texas

Hey there,

I’m Rebecca Phillips, MS, LPC.

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor & EMDR therapist in the Frisco, TX area providing evidence-based therapy for stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, & personal growth.

I am LGBTQ+ affirmative and culturally inclusive.

You belong here.

Now seeing clients virtually anywhere in the state of Texas!


Compassion Centered

Affirmative & Inclusive

Mental Health Care

I help people who…

struggle with anxiety, depression, or trauma stop the unrelenting cycle of stress, self-doubt, having so many life crisis moments and problems in their relationships.. My clients struggle as you do. They are smart, kind, capable, and often high achievers. Yet no matter how hard they try, the feeling that they aren’t good enough is pervasive.

When we first meet,

my clients often say they’ve tried everything else to no avail. They’ve read countless articles and books, listened to numerous podcasts, or tried to work, achieve, or yoga their way to happiness. But it wasn’t enough.

From all outward appearances, they may seem to have it all. They have an active dating life or a superficially good relationship, a promising career trajectory, and maybe even friends or family members that offer support the best way they can. Below the surface, they’ve been trying desperately to hold everything together and urgently trying to please, achieve, and prove their worth. And the cycle was burning them out.

The endless pursuit to balance everything in our modern lives can be overwhelming. To be a desirable partner, an impressive worker, a great friend, and a perfect parent – all while balancing our own needs, is simply unrealistic.

Perhaps you know deep down that you are worthy of a calmer and fuller life, but haven’t found another way to quiet that nagging inner voice telling you that you’re too much and yet somehow not quite enough.


Let’s get you out of that cycle and into a better life.


Like my clients, you deserve to show up fully in every setting – work, dating, friendship, marriage, family – all of it.

You can find yourself and feel at peace again. You can regain control of your life.

Let’s calm the anxiety, stress, and self-doubt that affects your performance at work, impacts your relationships, takes a toll on your health, and keeps you from living fully and authentically with ease and vibrance.


Let’s get you on the mend.